Dr. Greg King

I’m the Robert-Gilbert Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography & Planning at Queen’s University. I first visited northern Canada as an undergraduate field assistant on a forest fire research project in southern Yukon Territory. Since then I have conducted two summers of research and internship, along with a winter lake coring trip in the Inuvik region of the Mackenzie Delta as part of my MSc, made a sojourn to the alpine environments of Switzerland to complete a PhD and finally returned to northern Canada last summer for research on alpine treelines in the Kluane and Aishihik regions of SW Yukon.

My research focuses on using annual tree rings to reconstruct environmental, ecological and climate change beyond most observational records. In this project we are interested in environmental changes taking place in the transition between boreal forest and tundra ecosystems and its implications for habitat and land use. Check out our blog for more details on the research we’ll be conducting on the expedition.

When not busy as a scientist I can often be found chasing plastic as an ultimate frisbee player & coach or getting outside to hike and canoe while always keeping an eye open for trees & birds! I’m excited to combine all of my passions into the C2T2 expedition!


Greg canoeing on Otterslide Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park