Welcome to the website of the The Central Canadian Treeline Transect (C2T2)!

Our team of four from the Department of Geography & Planning and the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) is embarking on an expedition to the central Northwest Territories in July & August 2016. The purpose of the expedition is to collect scientific data that will help us develop a more complete understanding of recent changes to the forest-tundra transition zone of central Canada. This region is anticipated to be among the most heavily impacted by the ongoing effects of climate change; yet because of its extremely remote nature there have been very few studies to examine the type and extent of ecological changes it is experiencing.

The project is centred around establishment of a 200km latitudinal transect spanning the treeline of central Northwest Territories. No roads exist in the region, so the entire transect is being travelled by canoe. The team – along with all of our gear and scientific equipment – is being dropped off and picked up on either end of the transect by float plane. Several base camps will be established along the transect and multiple sampling excursions will be made from each camp. In total we expect the trip to last 5 weeks.

If your interested, you can read a technical scientific proposal for the expedition here (C2T2_scienceproposal).

The Expedition Members pages provide biographies of each of the four team members, including some background on our relevant interests and experiences.

The Blog page is updated regularly, with entries written by each of the team members. It is here that you can find out what we are up to, learn more about our research objectives, and follow all of the planning and preparation for the trip.



A map of the central Canadian subarctic with the black square highlighting the region of the Northwest Territories where we will be travelling.


 Screenshot 2016-07-07 17.33.35

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